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Author name: kent@bluefish.studio


How to Successfully Meet and Exceed Your Goals

What does success mean to you and your organization?  Is it a matter of dollars saved?  Are you seeking to increase employee morale, productivity…or maybe both?  Whatever business objectives you are seeking to fulfill for your organization, success is in the technique!


Five Questions Paving the Path to Project Success

While sometimes perceived as hard to achieve, a successful project, or one defined as a project that receives at least an 80% satisfaction rating at the end, is within reach. The steps taken just before a utility project kicks off can provide clues as to whether the project will be a success or lead you down a path of challenges and bumpy roads.


Measure More than Just the End

At the end of a project, there is often a deep sigh of relief. It is time to celebrate the culmination of hard work, extra hours on the job and (hopefully) great successes. While there is time to enjoy the completion of a project, this can also be a time that yields much more than a singular project victory.