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Since 2004, we have been a trusted partner helping companies close the gap between planning and activation by combining deep listening with collaborative process design.
Passionate Advocates | Thoughtful Observers | Engineers | Scientists | Analysts | Team Players | Critical Thinkers | Passionate Advocates | Thoughtful Observers | Engineers | Scientists | Analysts | Team Players | Critical Thinkers

Our Client Community

improved success rates are associated with change management best practices.
of executives believe change management is critical to their success in times of disruption.
of cases of resistance to change are linked to hidden factors, based on our observations.

Our Leadership Team

I am an advocate for forward movement. A factor often missed is that forward movement usually requires overcoming resistance, putting forth a determined effort and shaping new perspectives. As a Black female engineer, this is central to who I am. I believe a clear vision is essential to growth. You must identify something worth fighting for. Inspiration and momentum then emerge with careful study, strategy and ownership. These are the building blocks in “making a case for change”; and over the past 30 years, I have earned a reputation for it. At Kairos Worldwide, this is the foundation of our practice.
Lynn Sutton
Kairos is a very special place to work, and for several years I’ve had the responsibility of overseeing its human resources (HR) operations. It is my mission to ensure that employees are aware that their contributions are meaningful and provide value to the success of the firm. At Kairos we give our employees and teaming partners license to excel, while offering them a solid foundation of support. A huge part of my job is identifying the right individuals to build an incredible team. Our people are our most valuable asset, and I connect with them on a one-on-one level to make sure they know that!
Kimberly Sutton
Director of HR/Employee Care
I understand the power of building the “whys” behind the “whats”. Oftentimes we think we know what’s wrong in a situation, but it can still be difficult to build the case for why change is needed. With a background in Pure Mathematics, I enjoy determining the most effective way to present reliable and valid data in context. This allows metrics and KPIs to be modes of communication rather than just a number for a quarterly goal. Using objective measures and the best-fitting platforms, presenting the “whys” can better highlight the “whats” that companies are trying to achieve.
Sarah Chow
Senior Analyst, Operations Manager

Our Values

Our values are the foundation of our business, defining the way we work together, and with our clients and partners.
We work as a unit, drawing upon one another’s strengths and talents to provide top-notch service. It’s important that every light has room to shine – both with our clients and our team members.
Changes Behavior
Imparts knowledge transfer that results in change in processes at client site.
Continuous Learning
We value the knowledge and experience of others. We don’t assume that we have all of the answers. As individuals and united as a team, we grow, adapt and change; that philosophy allows us to help our strategic partners do the same.
Mutual Respect
We value the knowledge & experience of others and are receptive to and implement suggestions for improvement.
Commitment to Making a Difference
Our work leaves a lasting impact on project teams and organizations – improved processes, productivity and morale.

Let’s Work Together

Need help with transformation, or have a question about change management? We’re here to help.