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Organizational Change Management

Effective change does not happen in a vacuum. 

We collaborate with your team to create customized change programs that are tailored to fit your organization’s requirements. Our team is with you from implementation to execution, maintaining a culture of stakeholder engagement, employee buy-in and ultimately program success.

The foundation of sustainable change programs includes:

  • Detailed Organizational Analysis
  • Sponsor Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Structured, Clear Reporting
  • Training and Organizational Development

Process Reengineering

There are many ways to design and implement process improvements.

There are fewer ways to “make it stick.” Most frequently, process reengineering takes existing processes, systems and procedures and realigns them with new needs and goals.

Our team will work side-by-side with your organization to assess your current processes, and optimize them for efficiency. We utilize a Lean Six Sigma methodology to fine-tune our analysis, which is based on DMAIC engineering principles (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control).

Benefits of a Lean Six Sigma approach:

  • Focused, prioritized project objectives that can be achieved in short 60 - 90 day spirals
  • Superior Project and Risk Management, with well-defined metric targets
  • Project Champion, Project Sponsor and Key Stakeholder engagement and support
  • Fosters a Continuous Performance Improvement culture
  • Allows for a high degree of cross-collaboration, which results in streamlined processes and productivity.

Project Management

Schedule. Budget. Scope. Change.

Project management is the backbone of everything we do. By establishing key metrics upfront, we verify effectiveness and ensure project success.

We focus on providing effective project management that mitigates risk while increasing profitability. Our project management practice draws upon the experience and core principles of other methodologies - process reengineering, project controls and change management.  The blend of practices increases the accuracy of the project parameters, cross functional collaboration and higher levels of adoption.

The key to achieving project success for our clients is:

  • Strong Sponsor Advocacy and Participation
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Defined Objectives
  • Risk Management and Project “Health” Updates

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