Kairos Consulting Worldwide is a proven leader in process engineering consulting and is dedicated to reducing waste and enabling robust, sustainable growth for all types of clients. We treat our clients’ greatest operational challenges as if they are our own and deliver highly successful, enduring outcomes.

By Industry

• Airline
• Construction
• Energy
• Financial Services
• Government
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing
• Non-Profit

By Consulting Methodology

• Kaizen
• Lean Six Sigma
• Process Re-engineering

By Consulting Solution

• Quick Adopt
• Clearflow
• Workflow Analysis
• Organizational Development
• Productivity/Performance Improvement
• Team/Role Augmentation

Consulting Methodologies

Kairos Consulting Worldwide employs industry standard approaches …


Our Kaizen-specific experience helps organizations create positive changes on a regular basis, providing a path for sustained profitability


Kairos provides a highly collaborative client-consulting team to improve performance using Lean-based tools to achieve process optimization


Kairos facilitates a thorough rethinking of all processes, roles, systems, structure, work and underlying assumptions to drive success


We provide a series of original, proprietary consulting solutions …


Develops a lean culture with optimized processes in a rapid deployment consulting format


Provides an ongoing assessment and update of previously optimized processes to assure continuous effectiveness


Evaluating the current state tasks and resources enables a highly efficient future state


Designing and implementing integration, training and process support as well as change management for organizational teams


Kairos uses proprietary tools to increase employee capacity, productivity, performance and satisfaction


We offer embedded teams or individuals to help the organizational team expedite solutions.

Our Tools

We are frequently asked by prospective clients, two key questions and as a result,
we have developed two tools that help organizations understand their needs and opportunities:

1. What type of cost reduction or savings can I expect from a consulting engagement?


Expect measurable financial benefits

At Kairos, we believe our clients should expect savings after engaging with us. Our ROI Calculator will provide a means for you to estimate what types of return should be expected post engagement

2. Is my organization’s process approach outdated or might it need to be realigned?


Understanding process readiness and process competency is key to profitability

As one of Kairos many tools, PRI is an effective gauge to assess process risk and prioritize process needs inside an organization