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Used QuickAdopt to prioritize ROI opportunities having the greatest potential for significant impac

Improved customer satisfaction in 3 months

The Client

Based in Chicago, Primera is a full-service engineering design and consulting firm. They specialize in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural and civil engineering, construction and project management. With a stellar reputation for dynamic design, innovative technology and superior service, Kairos Worldwide is honored to be selected as their partner. ComEd, an Exelon Company, focuses on people and progress. A local utility and delivery company with more than a century of experience, ComEd has remained focused on benefitting the people, environment and economies of the communities they serve.

The Challenge

Primera and ComEd required project management support to assist in the day-to-day operations of the ComEd Project Management Office. Primera expects to integrate continuous improvement efficiencies to achieve smooth project management and the highest level of effectiveness in a demanding environment. The services required are for operational level support, requiring general project management knowledge and some process optimization application.

Our Methods

Using an analytical lens and process improvement tools, the Kairos approach impacts the way projects are managed. After reviewing process flows and interviewing internal stakeholders, Kairos Worldwide led the Lean teams in their work on the floor. Along with management, we prioritized ROI opportunities having the greatest potential for significant impact. This QuickAdopt approach improved cycle time, labor productivity, and customer satisfaction within three months, well ahead of the client’s two-year target.

The Impact

  • Established criteria and structure for the way projects are vetted and prioritized
  • Developed customized risk management tools to properly assess and monitor project progress
  • Created dashboards for a visual display of incident reporting
  • Created scorecard reporting for the project portfolio

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