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One system provided to change the way equipment damage was identified

Remedied 350 employees engaged in a full-scale accountability program

The Client

INTREN, a leading Midwest contractor providing underground and overhead electrical, gas and lighting installations to general contractors, developers and utility companies.

The Challenge

The client was experiencing a great deal of damage to field equipment and to rectify the problem, needed to know the true source or sources of the damage.

Our Methods

Kairos Worldwide undertook an audit of the company’s personnel and practices and identified causes after:

  • Interviewing project managers, operating engineers, electricians, laborers and repair shop workers
  • Assessing the nature of the damage first hand
  • Gathering all pertinent information about the damages

The Impact

  • Identified the root causes of the problem and recommended corrective actions
  • Designed a new program to capture equipment damage information promptly and accurately
  • Created a reporting system to deliver real-time information to management and maintenance departments, tracking and documenting all equipment damage
  • Established a full-scale employee accountability program

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