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Developed the Knowledge Transfer plan and detailed Change Management Strategy for countywide implementation

Countywide IVR implementation covering 800 local government units

The Client

Cook County is an urban county in the upper northeastern section of Illinois that contains more than 800 local governmental units within its boundaries. With a population of approximately 5.3 million people, it is the second most populous county in the nation and the 19th largest government in the United States. Cook County contains 128 municipalities, the most well known being the City of Chicago – which is the County seat where its central o!ces are located. The City of Chicago and suburban municipalities account for approximately 85% of the County’s 946 square miles, while unincorporated areas make up the remaining 15%. As mandated by State law, County government has principal responsibility for the protection of persons and property, the provision for public health services and the maintenance of County highways.

The Challenge

Working under the direction of Adapt Telephony Services, Kairos Worldwide was engaged to provide business analysis, change management and training support for the countywide IVR implementation project.

Our Methods

Kairos worked with the County’s project team to understand, confirm and refine functional and business requirements. Kairos was also responsible for Change Management and training.

The Impact

  • Developed the Knowledge Transfer plan and the detailed Change Management Strategy plan for the program, including the timelines
  • Developed the training requirements, as well as the training strategy and plan
  • Provided training support, including the development of documentation, testing plans, and training materials. This included developing webinars and videos that could be stored and viewed on demand

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