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Change Management plan for new technology integration

Implemented Virtual Desktop environment for over 1,000 users

The Client

Providing electricity for more than 2.4 million electric customers and more than 900,000 natural gas customers, Ameren is recognized as one of the top five utilities in the country. Ameren’s mission is to power the quality of life for its customers, and their values – integrity, respect, accountability, stewardship, teamwork and commitment to excellence – are reflected in the way they do business.

The Challenge

With a plan to provide operationally effective systems for its organizations, Ameren’s technology strategy included the implementation of a Virtual Desktop environment. Kairos Worldwide was engaged to develop the Change Management plan for this program. The effort involved a major rollout for over 1,000 users across the enterprise, crossing several functional areas, headquarters, and remote sites.

Our Methods

Kairos Worldwide took a controlled, systematic approach to managing this change. Following a series of strategy meetings with key personnel, Kairos outlined the high-level change management plan, provided input to the project management plan, and crafted key messaging that would frame the communications for the entire program.

The Impact

  • A comprehensive and highly effective communications matrix, including key messaging
  • Change management timeline that was validated and aligned with the project implementation schedule
  • High-level risk analysis, including timelines and cross-functional impacts
  • Change Agent action plan
  • End-user feedback and evaluation plan for continuous improvement through the life of the program

Let’s Work Together

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