Who We Are


Collaborative Change Agents

Visionary name; Actionable results

Kairos Worldwide is a recognized leader in hands-on process engineering. Our consultants come to your site and work with your team to analyze your existing processes. We map current practices to pinpoint obstacles and areas for improvement. Our consultants then bring their expertise to bear, collaborating with your team to provide dynamic, practical and transformative solutions. Most importantly, we then give you the tools you need to sustain these changes over the long term, resulting in measurable efficiency, performance and productivity growth.

From evaluating current workflows and improving productivity to leading change management, providing ongoing assessments, offering rapid recommendation deployment and embedding consulting teams to expedite solutions, Kairos is with your organization from strategy through implementation.

Need nimble experts who will take the time to learn about your organization’s unique challenges? Kairos should be your first call.

Here’s why

  • Veteran Consultants

    Veteran Consultants

    Our consultants are veterans in many disciplines—Lean Six Sigma, change management, project and program management, organizational development, productivity improvement, employee and equipment safety, problem resolution, regulatory compliance, information technology, inventory control, finance and more. They’ll work with your team to understand your challenges.

  • Simplifying Complexities

    Simplifying Complexities

    Together, we’ll explore your existing processes to determine what is working well and identify what requires change. Our consultants then partner with your team to devise actionable solutions that measurably increase efficiency, productivity, performance or safety. The Kairos team’s highly collaborative, insightful consulting style ensures that the dynamic solutions we create will endure and evolve with your organization.

  • Ongoing Support

    Ongoing Support

    Kairos doesn’t present our recommendations and leave; we work at your side to implement them. Whether the project involves reducing operational risks, adapting systems to meet and exceed compliance requirements, or aligning tactics with strategies to design customized, streamlined processes resulting in growth and profitability, we stay with our clients as long as we are needed.

  • Skilled Communication

    Skilled Communication

    We are consummate professionals, knowledgeable about processes that take place on the front lines, at the middle-management level and within the executive suite. Kairos Worldwide team members are skilled communicators offering sound solutions that boost quality and improve human performance, for better employee morale and higher retention.

  • Driving Results

    Driving Results

    We have earned a reputation for driving significant results – on time and on budget. Year in and year out, Kairos is a trusted resource for decisive leadership, razor-sharp focus, and an unyielding commitment to measurable organizational improvements.