Restoring Data Integrity


This Global Healthcare Company is a major provider of pharmaceuticals and hospital products with operations in 129 countries. This company is devoted to discovering new medicines, technologies and methodologies to manage health.


The client’s HR executive team lacked effective processes to ensure consistency in data collection procedures and data accuracy across all locations. Kairos Worldwide was brought in to facilitate a Lean Six Sigma study with a global process improvement project team to restore data integrity to an acceptable level.


Kairos Worldwide applied the Lean Six Sigma approach, conducting a targeted assessment and analysis to improve the accuracy of global data management for complete and useable outputs, increase on-time delivery of required data submissions, establish performance metrics and establish a system that drives continuous improvement. Kairos Worldwide conducted root cause analysis, risk assessment, data sampling and process mapping in the launch of the new People Search application, a tool chosen to facilitate greater consistency in the data collection process in 129 countries. This technology implementation was vital in preparation for the upcoming planned divestitures of several operations.


  • Utilizing several of the Lean Six Sigma tools and the effective collaboration of the OneTeam approach, Kairos Worldwide provided numerous insights and impact.
  • Identified the key points of failure in the global data management processes
  • Leveraged Subject Matter Expert knowledge to differentiate between symptoms and causes, identifying critical root causes and developing high-impact solutions
  • Provided a post-improvement analysis to determine highest ongoing risks to data accuracy and completeness
  • Reached consensus across HR departments on the recommended solution, action plan for implementation and the management of high-priority risks