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We are veteran problem solvers with comprehensive experience across all industries whose services address a vast range of organizational challenges. Scroll down to read more about the methodologies we use and the dynamic solutions we work with your team to implement.

Consulting Methodologies

Kaizen Events

There are many ways to design and implement process improvements. There are fewer ways to “make it stick.” Our experience has shown that the Kaizen Event model makes the most efficient use of client time and resources while firmly establishing critical new processes. The Kaizen Event model takes into consideration the way you do business, including all organization- and industry-specific regulations and requirements. By revealing the “why” behind your processes, the Kaizen Event approach ensures that all pertinent considerations are accounted for and given the required weight and value.

Our consultants work with your team to understand your processes. We then guide team members through a brief, customized Lean Six Sigma training, discussion and confirmation of all “current state” processes. Consultants then guide your team through the process re-engineering effort and shaping new “future state” processes. Through their team’s process participation, our clients see immediate buy-in, long-term sustainability, and reduced service interruption. In fact, the norm is virtually no interruption as new processes are implemented.

Lean Six Sigma

After completing an assessment and a strategic plan, we conduct a Lean Six Sigma implementation over several weeks that will:

  • Identify process steps that can be improved
  • Identify labor hours, times and defect rates for processes
  • Identify potential for improvement for each process
  • Confer with the management team
  • Attempt to increase the quality of work while shortening cycle times
  • Create overall streamlined processes, efficient working interactions and reduced waste

Process Re-engineering

Kairos Worldwide is adept at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of processes within an organization. Most frequently, process re-engineering takes existing processes, systems and procedures and realigns them with new needs and goals, focusing on cost, quality, safety, service and speed.

Kairos Solutions

Kairos Worldwide’s original, proprietary consulting solutions will optimize your processes no matter where you are in the consulting process. From evaluating current workflows and improving productivity to leading change management, providing ongoing assessments, offering rapid recommendation deployment and embedding consulting teams to expedite solutions, Kairos is with your organization from end-to-end.

QuickAdopt is a targeted approach used when a client has dual objectives: to optimize processes and to implement a Lean culture. The QuickAdopt program provides clients with immediate application of Lean Six Sigma principles, as well as just-in-time training for those principles and 1-on-1 coaching for the organization’s unique client-specific circumstances. QuickAdopt effectively brings the classroom to your workplace—where every training exercise results in real-life, real-time benefits to your organization.

Clearflow recognizes that changes within an organization, including process changes, are natural occurrences. Even after processes are optimized and organizations have been trained, natural business occurrences—new goals, products, services, IT systems, technologies or personnel changes —cause shifts. ClearFlow is a unique Kairos Worldwide plan in which our consultant revisits the client team(s) every 12-18 months to review previously optimized processes. Our consultant conducts a brief gap analysis to identify process changes and make recommendations, all aimed at ensuring that teams are running optimally.

Workflow Analysis allows Kairos Worldwide to observe and evaluate “current state” processes and progress of work within the client’s organization. A reevaluation of tasks, along with any new resources, is taken into consideration and provides a clear line of sight to key problem areas, enabling consultants to develop recommendations to solve individual task issues.

Organizational Development and change management challenges are ongoing, systematic processes. We examine how people, processes, protocols, systems and teams interact to determine the proper course. Often these challenges impact many teams and their roles; Kairos Worldwide solutions enable teams to work effectively and efficiently post engagement, even in the most troublesome situations. Typical recommendations include Development Plans, Training, Prototypes, and Rules and Responsibilities.

Productivity Improvement – or performance or capacity improvement – brings the Kairos Worldwide team onsite to conduct a full current state assessment, including interviews, data/documentation review, situational observation, technology/systems reviews and more to determine the needed steps to drive improvement above and beyond goal. Recommendations are always based on the highly specific needs of each individual client.

Team Role Augmentation. On some occasions, clients have particularly complex challenges where an individual or a team of individuals with key expertise are needed to embed into the client organization and on the project team. Kairos can provide either function for a wide variety of client needs, resulting in a more robust and complete deliverable.

Federal Contracts


Kairos Worldwide is a holder of the GSA Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) schedule. The purpose of MOBIS is to assist federal agencies with performance improvement and mission-specific goals through the use of specialized consulting and training services.

For additional information on MOBIS, visit the official GSA site .


In June 2011, Kairos Worldwide was awarded an IDIQ multiple award contract through SeaPort-e.  SeaPort-e is the Navy’s electronic platform for securing professional support services in 22 functional areas, including Engineering, Finance Management, and Program Management.  The purpose of SeaPort-e is to provide a standardized means to solicit bids for task orders (all task orders are competitively solicited, awarded, and managed utilizing the SeaPort-e platform).