University of Illinois

Filling Functional Gaps


The internal HR service center of an internationally acclaimed university responsible for administering human resource policy, as well as transaction processing (e.g. hire requests, separations and payroll) across multiple departments.


The client was experiencing decreased efficiency and effectiveness caused by poorly designed workflows and a lack of operational objectives. Deficiencies in administration, technical systems and management were affecting day-to-day operations, resulting in missed payroll transactions, backlogged HR requests, poor public perception and internal communications issues.


Kairos Worldwide conducted an in-depth analysis of the service center’s workflows and technical systems. A prioritized list of functional gaps was identified by area.


  • Created transaction process layouts for “current state” and “future state” transactions, identifying opportunities for:
    • Reduced paper document handling
    • Reduced staff responsibilities in everyday processes
    • Automated document routing
  • Developed directives and expectations required for increased productivity within integrated teams
  • Outlined requirements to enhance the current system for increased productivity
  • Highlighted future state process improvements in related areas