Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Chicago

Justifying Budget Expenses


Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, the country’s third largest water reclamation agency, safeguards the health of millions.


Faced with pressure to justify its spending to stakeholders, the IT group needed a full analysis of its $11 million budget and a comparison against industry standards.


Kairos Worldwide identified business requirements and built a case for appropriate spending after:

  • Compiling salaries and expenses of 64 staff members and five IT areas
  • Calculating the cost of services of the prior 3 years
  • Conducting process reviews and interviewing internal customers
  • Identifying industry peers and researching their IT budgets


  • Created a 3-year expense forecast
  • Improved service to internal customers
  • Enhanced business integration
  • Identified opportunities to realize greater ROI for SAP and thin-client implementation