Assessing The Need

Tools That Answer Your Questions

As a result of myriad client consultations over the years, we developed two specific tools to answer key questions and help organizations understand their needs and opportunities:

ROI Calculator

Expect Measurable Financial Benefits


Based on years of working in multiple industries across all types of operational challenges, our client work has proven a simple theory over and over again: Superior Analysis + Customized Process Restructuring + Organizational Alignment = Significant Time and Money Savings.

We have developed the Kairos ROI calculator to help prospective and ongoing clients assess the financial benefit that may be gained from a consulting engagement  – whether the goal is to resolve an enterprise-wide process issue, an isolated process/system, or anything in between.

To use the calculator, select one process challenge and then answer the following questions regarding it to deliver a calculated financial benefit.


Process Risk Index

 Quickly Assess Your Processes

kairos-tools-indexThe Kairos Process Risk Index allows organizations to conduct a rapid, high-level assessment of their overall process approach or a specific process. This enables a team to determine if there is a need to seek changes or consult with outside expertise.


Effective PRIs can provide value in a variety of ways:

  • Alert management to trends that may negatively impact objectives or may indicate new opportunities.
  • Mitigate developing risks by serving as triggering mechanisms for organizational units; provide measurable data conducive to aggregation.
  • Demonstrate compliance with established regulatory requirements.
  • Improve workplace environment by reducing chronic overtime and work overload, allowing for a more stable and smoothly functioning organization.

Reducing your Process Risk Index has several benefits:

• Reduces service disruptions
• Reduces errors
• Minimizes redundancies
• Reduces costs
• Enhances customer experiences